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Under My Duvet (until further notice)

Do you ever want to run away and hide?
Just bury your head under your duvet?
Block out the world?
Come with me and we can do exactly that.

Under My Duvet (until further notice) is a playful exploration of Forest’s relationship with their duvet, and how they use sleep as a means of escape from the world. They examine the things they are hiding from, both physical and intangible. They explore their personal experience with depression and intrusive thoughts through text, music, and movement. Through this performance, Forest constructs a soft, quiet and safe world existing beneath their duvet to protect and comfort themself. However, this reality begins to crumble once they realise that their duvet cannot keep out the thoughts inside their head. In their work, Forest explores humour as a coping mechanism to remain positive when everything falls down around you. They ask whether hiding from reality is healthy, sustainable, or even possible.

This performance contains strong language, talk of suicide and depression, and is not suitable for children.

Devised and performed by Forest Wolfe
BSL integrated performer: Ciaran Stewart

Performed as part of the Into the New Festival 2021

Photography by Jassy Earl

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