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Forest Wolfe

Artist and Performance Maker

Forest Wolfe is a Glasgow-based performance artist, who works in mixed mediums, combining their background in music with their passion for movement and dance.


From their experience of working in a variety of social contexts, they enjoy collaborating with non-performers, particularly through movement, to find connections. They have experience working in different social contexts, from a primary school to a hospice, which has made them a confident and engaging facilitator in drama processes. 

Forest has worked with artists and companies such as Kirsty Byers, Greg Sinclair, Rosie Reid, and Firefly Arts, and is always excited to collaborate with others.

Forest graduated in 2021 with a BA Honours degree in Contemporary Performance Practice from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Artist Statement

Through my art, I aim to unite and entertain people.

I make performance for a mentally ill audience, and I am passionate to explore ways to showcase the reality of living with mental illnesses without it being triggering, or only suitable for an audience unaffected by mental illness.

Accessibility is very important in my performances, with an emphasis on creating relaxed performance spaces, and working with BSL interpretation in my works, whilst exploring my experience as a queer, mentally ill person. 

I believe that all movement is dance and that anyone can be a dancer, regardless of training or skill.

Passion drives my arts practice: I make art for the love of it.

Forest Wolfe

Photographs by Robert McFadzean

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